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Team Turkey or Team Elf?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

What happened to Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is synonymous with food, gathering, family, and the start of the Christmas season. Now, during a time of social distancing and many still experiencing discomfort and suspicion with contact transfer via objects, and food, it appears there is a silent but intentional move to skip over the holiday this year.

Are you on team turkey or cancelling Thanksgiving this year?

I’m seeing Christmas decorating videos on YouTube, and gift guides and Christmas décor blog posts.

Let's indulge for a minute.

Here, interior designer and bestselling author Erin Gates shows some sophisticated but traditional ideas for decorating for the upcoming season. I love the idea of a tree decorated only with lights, but I can't help myself from adding ornaments. They're half the fun of a Christmas tree.

Staying on the decorating theme, artist Meg Biram who's originally from Kansas City is selling these hand painted ornaments. There is something for everyone, no matter what your style or favored color palette is.

These made to order one of kind acrylic art trays caught my attention. They're each made with collected vintage items, so no two are the same. You can choose from something inspired by one of the images, or have one custom made. They'd make a lovely gift for yourself or someone else. I'd put mine on my desk, or on my vanity.

Grace Atwood at The Stripe has already published two guides, and breaks it down by category and different price ranges!

Here's some ideas from Sabrina of The Beauty Lookbook. I like her layout, and I love that all of these ideas are cozy/home themed!

Thanks for reading! Soon, I'll share some favorites from the store.


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