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New Season

I held on to summer with death grip this year, but when September ended I finally conceded. The grass is turning brown, leaves are starting to fall, and Halloween decorations are going up all around me.

What are you wearing and watching this month?

It still feels too warm to cover up in suede or leather, but on days when the temperatures drop I'd love to carry a handbag more designed for fall and winter. Something made in shearling, tweed, boucle, or suede. Yes, these are harder to care for, and often just as expensive as leather and less versatile.

For example, the Fendi shearling bags in the center of the picture, are meant to be worn in the winter. The boucle bags (Saint Laurent Niki and Jaime hot pink and cream bags shown on the right), and the black and white houndstooth Furla can be worn in the spring. So, you'd get extended use from those versus the shearling bags. Leathers, and faux leathers are going to be easier to care for and more durable, but fashion should be fun! These bags are beautiful, and I'm sure the person who wears them would do so with a smile on their face. They do look more special and add something to an outfit. They're warm, soft and comfortable to the touch. I had a coupon code and purchased a suede bag for fall. It's none of these models, but I when I get it I will share which one it is and my thoughts on it. None of these bags can be found at Bea's Designs, but we do have some beautiful and affordable new boucle pieces that I can't wait to share with you next month!

From left to right:

What are you Watching?

One of the things I love doing when summer ends is relax in the evening with something good to read or watch. When you've had too much of real life, it's nice to escape. My favorite genres for that are supernatural, fantasy, comedy,

On Netflix

I'd put this in the category of supernatural drama. Each episode covers a different anomaly, the background story of who these characters are unfolding in the background. Spoiler alert, there is a relation to Sherlock Holmes. Seen above is Bea, older sister and protector of Jessie who's more fragile, but gifted with supernatural powers. There is romance, suspense, and sometimes the story tugs at your heart strings.

Season 2 of Never Have I Ever, did not disappoint! You'll wish you had Devi's confidence, which at times is more arrogance, making for great comedy. This is classified as a teen comedy, but don't let that steer you away. It is narrated by John McEnroe, and it's hilarious. It's also a story about growing up with a different culture, and trying to fit in, while respecting family traditions and values.

On hulu

This suspense/comedy has a lot of style, from the decor in the apartments of the Arconia, the center for the murder, to the opening intro theme, which mimics the look and feel of the fonts and illustration aesthetics of The New Yorker. Oh yeah, Selena Gomez, Steve Martin and Martin Short, are in it. It's a must watch.

On Disney+

Imagine if infamous coach Bobby Knight, was dropped in a posh all girls school to coach basketball. Yeah. Along the way you get insights into the old and new struggles of girls. Managing career ambitions, and bouncing back from failure.

Turner and Hooch was a surprise. I passed it over many times, and one day when I had nothing else to watch, I watched an episode. This is a story about the lives of original detective Scott Turner's grownup children, and how they deal with his passing. It's a familiar but enjoyable story about how much we try to be unlike our parents, and how caring for and learning to communicate with animals can humble us and teach us so much. This is a series you can sit back and enjoy in the evening after a long hard day, and not worry about going to bed with any harsh thoughts.

What Does it Smell Like Right Now?

What goes well with a cozy night of tv watching? A fire of course! If you can't have that, then the next best thing is a candle. My current favorite candle. Over the summer I tried both Bibliotheque and Safran by Byredo.

Many people rave about Bibliotheque, and while it does smell great, Safran was the standout. It scents my entire bedroom. If there was a perfume equivalent to this it would be Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud Extrait. There are several variations of Oud, such as Oud Mood and Oud Satin, Both Oud Extrait, and its' more popular counterpart Baccarat Rouge 540 contain a saffron note. It's subtly sweet, with a whisper of incense. A lot of people are probably reaching for the pumpkin spice and pine scented holiday candles that are already gracing the store shelves, but let's face we have a long season of that ahead of us. I'm going to take it slow.

My favorite diffuser right now, is Nest Wild Mint and Eucalyptus. It smells like sweet mint tea, and it's perfect in a bathroom. If you'd like some more scent recommendations, give The Beauty Look Book a read. I've tried the Vanille and Benjoin candles recommended in the post. Sabrina, the author, has amazing taste and her pictures are always gorgeous.

That's all for now folks! I hope you are enjoying your start to fall!


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