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Stepping Back In

Hello, I didn't realize how long it had been since we last checked in - late March.

I had lofty goals of maintaining engagement while we were closed, but in the end, taking a break in respect of all that was going on, felt more right.

It's been a true emotional roller coaster, for many, if not all of us. Somedays staying in felt restful and peaceful, but as the weeks went by, fear and anxiety set in, not knowing if the worst had passed or was still to come. Feeling hopeful and optimistic one week, and then scared, mad, sad and exhausted another. Then, like with any storm the sky cleared and the water settled. That happened over and over, resulting in feeling a little stronger- knowing that whatever a bad day or week brings, it's going to pass, and more importantly we can handle it.

Some of the blog I read did maintain engagement and I admired that, but I could see ups and downs reflected in their writing too. For a little while, it felt like the world had granted itself a brief reprieve from the daily hustle, the competition, and obsessions that occupy us, but because we're us, it didn't last long. Soon our newsfeeds of all kinds started filling up with challenges both physical and mental. We were trying to establish new ways to prove to ourselves and others that we were being productive and continuing to strive for betterment. For those that couldn't dedicate the time to extra workouts and physical feats, learning a new a language or other skill, upping our game in the kitchen trying new and more complex techniques and recipes, well that left us feeling less than. It's interesting how even during a global crisis we find ways to complicate our existence more.

Every one of us has a story of how we coped and lived during COVID-19. Hopefully your story is full of insights, self discovery, and moments of tenderness and love. I came here today to remind you that however you handled and continue to handle what's going on - it's OK, it's enough, it's probably going to change and that's OK too.

Stay safe. Move forward at your own pace, and be kind to yourself and others.


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