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Birds and Bags

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Hello world!

It's been a little while since we caught up, and I hope you've been enjoying life and the beautiful days we've had - You have to take advantage of them when you get them!

I've been enjoying bird watching this spring. I put out three bird feeders this year. I've had hummingbird feeders before, but never regular bird feeders. A couple of years in a row, I've had finches nest in a wreath near my front porch, and I thought I would feed them. One feeder in the front turned into three more in the back deck. I have had cardinals, downey woodpeckers, house finches, yellow finches, titmouse, and black capped chickadees. It's been interesting to watch them eat, but nobody prepared me for the squirrel battle. Their ingenuity has both surprised me and exhausted me. They are relentless, smart and obnoxious.

After they broke my favorite garden stone, I had to do something different. I went to Backyard Bird Center and they were incredibly helpful. I replaced the problem feeder with a flat tray style and replaced the regular seed with safflower seed - a squirrel deterrent. They still came around the first few days, but their visits have really dropped off.

Now aside from watching birds like a retired man, what else have I done, aside from work? Shop of course, or maybe more like spring shopping planning. That means a lot of glancing and adding and removing things from my cart. I will say that shopping for a straight leg or baggier pair of jeans has felt like a chore, and trying them on in the store like a form of torture. The waiting for rooms, dirty carpet in dressing rooms, unflattering lights, and then after all that the jeans don't fit or flatter you, well it's enough to make me want to give up. I recently ordered three pairs of jeans, and decided I'd try them on at home and return what I didn't like. The first pair came today and it was a disappointment. Hopefully I have luck with one of the others.

Bags now, are less fussy. They always fit! Before buying a bag I like to do research, and I like to see and feel the bag, and sometimes that's not possible. I watch YouTube reviews if they're available of bags I'm interested in and it helps me to hear about pros and cons and what fits. I very often hear about "investment" or "classic" bags. Bags are not investments, perhaps a Birkin or Kelly, but even with those, you have to have the right buyer, and sell at the right time. The pressure of purchasing an item that is going to endure fashion trends, look modern, and make you happy at the same time, is daunting. It takes what should be a fun activity and turns it into work. I have seen countless videos about the best bags to buy, the most timeless bags, but time is something none of us can count on. We simply can't predict how many years we have and we can't guarantee we'll want the same things in seven or ten years. For a change, I thought, what would I buy if I only had one week to live, if time and fashion trends were not a concern? I would buy a bag that made me smile, and made me feel good. Usually for spring and summer I look for white, off white and neutral bags, but right now, I'm loving the idea of vibrant colors and pastels. I threw in a few off white options, but only because of the texture - they're not leather!

From left to right: Boss Baby Blue, I love the playful shoulder strap, and it reminds me a little bit of a Celine box bag. Next, we have a small Chloe bag in a beautiful teal color. Moving on to the bottom there is the Saint Laurent Le Carré - I like this bag. I have been eying it for while but I cannot decide on a color. If I was enjoying it for one week, I would choose this summery yellow color. Lastly, this mini Jodi kind of stole my heart. Specifically in this color. Would I love this in a year? Who knows. Truth be told it might not make it a year in my care. It's a top handle, and I tend to misplace things. I can see myself, taking this to the grocery store and setting it by a pile of lettuce while I look at something else and leaving it there.

Runner up options, from left to right: Mini Wandler in mint, Stella McCartney- vegan option, Valentino - New Rockstud, I particularly like this bright green color! Fendi Shoulder - love the fabric and the logo buckle, Fendi Clutch. If I want to hike and be carefree my last week, then I might go with this Prada nylon bucket bag in pale pink. Last but not least, I do like this linen Saint Laurent College bag. It could get dirty so fast, but with only a week of wear - who cares!

I hope you enjoyed this, and I hope you live each week like it's your last- Loving life and those closest to you. That's really what matters!

Thanks for stopping by and see you next month!


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