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Holiday Chill

From November to December my Inbox and searching was met with guides of what to give everyone from male toddlers to your UPS handler.

This year I spent more time ensuring my space was as relaxing and cheerful as possible. Holiday decorating stresses some people out, but you don't have to do a time consuming 180 on your home to get it winter cheer ready.

Here are some ideas of how to add a little bit of holiday magic to your existing decor.

I love my vintage coral, and I put away one piece and added this birch wood, some moss and these glimmering rabbits. They make me think of a winter moonlit night in a forest.

Next, this cream colored skull sits on top of books next to a bar tray. I didn’t want to put it away, but I added a sprig of white flower and branch for a frosted, moody touch. You don’t have to spend a lot of money at an interior design store. You can find these at any big box home and craft store, such as At Home or JoAnne.

In a different corner, a lone but beautiful lamb ornament was added to my existing vase. This is a great way of showcasing ornaments you really love, or that are special to you. On the tree mixed with all the other or ornaments they can get lost.

These images were all taken of my main living space, but don’t forget about other areas you visit often, like the kitchen or bathroom.

On a corner of the bathroom countertop where this giraffe always resides, I added a little faux topiary and a vase with snowy tulips.

Lastly, is of course the tree. There are so many directions you can go! From the sparse to the extravagant, color themed to traditional.

Here are a few of my options, from a monochromatic wreath to a pink tree.

Bea's Designs wishes you a happy and relaxing holiday!


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