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I love October, and I love Halloween. I like decorating the house with pumpkins and I like seeing kids in their costumes on the actual holiday. This year I bet most of us don't know what to expect. It's the first fall holiday, and even in uncertain times, we should celebrate each and every one.

In the spirit of Halloween and masks, let's talk about face masks. I've bought so many different brands. I've tried local brands from Made in KC, different brands from Etsy. They've all looked great, but some have so tight they've made my ears hurt (before I knew adjustable masks were something to look for), others have been made of materials that were too warm, and others so thin, it felt like I was going to inhale the mask when I talked.

Here are two masks I recently tried and liked:

The first, I stumbled upon while checking out at Ulta. These come in a set of three- white with black circles, gray and the other was black/white and taupe tie dye. They are 100% cotton, very breathable and comfortable. I've already visited the Kitsch site and ordered another set of masks!

The other I tried was more expensive, but it's also 100% silk. It feels super soft on the face and it doesn't collapse into your mouth when you speak. Make sure you check out all the different colors and patterns. I was tempted by the plain black or the dusty pink with the kiss mark.

Now for a fall favorite that looks as good as it smells white sitting on a table. This candle smells like a fireplace and the smoky container makes it look appropriate for the season. So many Diptyque candles smell amazing, but I keeping buying this one over and over.

What are your fall favorites and favorite masks right now?


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