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Summer Bags and Sales

Summer bags

Pictured above from left to right - Vintage Garay bag (no. 1355, made in Japan), middle tote with gold handles (no label), clutch with bamboo handles (made in Hong Kong)

Ok, this post is meant as inspiration. Net - A - Porter is having a sale. If you click some of the links you might see the item will be sold out, but the point here is to share some pretty Spring/Summer bags. There are so many options!

If you're looking for designer bags, don't forget about Barneys. They're having a sale as well, and some bags, like the Chloe Pixie have a deeper discount than you'll find at Net a Porter - colors vary, but do compare as the color you're after might be available on both sites and Barneys is offering 40% versus 30% off.

Don't forget to checkout second hand stores. You can find a unique piece for a fraction of the price of a new bag. It might have some minor flaws, but that's OK as the piece is not your everyday bag. If you don't like to hunt, let us help.


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