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Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Let's dream a little. I usually advocate keeping both feet on the ground, and being practical, but with June approaching and soon enough Summer, it's a good time for a little mental mood board.

Who do you want to be this new season? Yourself, but maybe a little more carefree, or more confident? Does that translate to what you wear, like going sleeveless more, longer earrings perhaps? Is it what you do, how you carry yourself ? Maybe it's speaking up more.

The following images are all for inspiration. More romantic, carefree, or daring, can mean anything to you. Close your eyes and say the words and see what comes to mind. What do you feel?

Click on an image below in each category to see more information.

More Romantic

This is not about relationships or tea dresses. It's about loving your self, nurturing yourself and surrounding yourself with things that make you smile, dream, and appreciate beauty in every form. Sure, what you put on your body can make you feel and thereby act differently, but so can flowers, or a candle, or a picture on your wall or desk.

More Carefree

This word alone evokes images of Bohemian dressing, and walking around weightlessly - stress free, happy. Maybe it means taking more breaks, or not feeling guilty when you take a break. It can mean leaving those beautiful but uncomfortable summer sandals behind and wearing sneakers with your dress instead.

More Daring

This means doing something that scares you a little bit. It could mean applying for that job you want, but don't "feel," like you're qualified for. Maybe it's taking more risks with what you wear. Maybe you've long admired long dresses or combat boots on other people, but you've been hesitant to step out in something like that. I'm telling you, it's not too elegant or special. Put it on and see how it makes you feel, you might learn that it feels more right than you thought it would.

How do you mentally prepare yourself and get encouraged to take a step towards something new, or something you want?


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