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Almost Over

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

We're in the last days of winter!

After the holidays, and the long month of cold, dark, and goal oriented January, it's no wonder we look forward a day dedicated to frills, flowers, chocolate and candy!

Valentine's Day is a polarizing holiday. Never do I hear more, "I hate this holiday, " or "This is a stupid holiday," than in February, near Valentine's Day. When you think about it, it's no less marketing fueled or gift oriented than Christmas. I don't love it nor hate it. January and February are gloomy months in many parts of the country, and I think celebrating love and friendship and letting the pink light this day casts helps lighten the mood, and gives us hope.

In that spirit, let's look at some light and romantic things you can add to your surrounding that are appropriate even past Valentine's Day.

Let's celebrate all things rose, pink, red and the shades in between this month - since it's almost over.

I really wanted these leggings in pink, but I opted for the black because I already have a few pink pairs of leggings - the color makes me happy, and I like wearing them with pink tennis shoes, which I own a few pairs of as well. If you've never tried Beyond Yoga leggings, you should. The midi length works well if you're 5'4 or under. They are high waisted, giving you a comfortable and secure feeling - no need to continuously pull them up during a high impact workout. No worries about them being see through - though you do have to be careful of what material you choose, this style is more of a compression pant. I do own a pair of white and blue ombre leggings in the polyester/lycra blend and they are more sheer.

Next, let's talk about handbags. I don't own this blush crossbody on the right, but when I saw it, it reminded me of my Lady Dior Clutch. When you're buying a designer bag, people tend to stick to black because they can wear it all year around. I loved the Dior clutch in the blush matte color, seen below on the left, and honestly I wish I would have purchased that, instead of being practical and getting the black one.

I find hand bags with a bright colored interior hard to resist. It's a nice little surprise when you look inside. Last year I bought the red monogram bag on the left, but the pink and red Eli leather model is cute too, and of course the Damier Azur with eau de rose trim is great for spring and summer.

How about getting into the pre spring, Valentine's Day mood with items around your desk or house? I'm always writing down notes on paper. It might be work notes, or packing lists to organize myself. There are so many pretty options, but I especially like these Kate Spade notebooks because they are spiral and make it easier to write in.

Or step into Nell Hill for some very pretty faux tulips in any color. I bought mine in a pale green, and the vase they came in too. Most of the time I like experimenting and making my own arrangement, but buying something already made up can save you time.

Remember the spirit of Valentine's Day is love and friendship, and we should always be striving to love and be our own best friend. Whatever you choose to brighten up your month, make it something you love.

Happy Leap Year, happy almost end of February and almost end of winter!


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