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Autumn - Again

Everyone loves talking about fall fashion, but every year some of the same familiar things come back, leather, neutrals, plaid, boots of all colors, heights, and materials, light jackets, sweaters, suede and velvet, you get the picture. Instead of talking about trends or what's new. I'll talk about some favorites for the season and some pieces that Bea's Designs could have lifted inspiration from.

Sweaters make their appearance again, and I don't know about you, but just hearing the word wool makes me itchy.

I'd rather spend my day in something like this.

Both the pebble color shown, and beach rock color are nice, and owning several different Barefoot dreams cardigans I can vouch for how comfortable and soft they are.

You want to hear something funny?

Have you noticed how you can reason the cost of something with yourself, by comparing it to something similar but at a much higher cost? The beautiful long belted coat below with fringe bottom is $8,290. It is cashmere and it's by Gabriela Hearst. It's also sold-out! By contrast, these other multi color sweaters for under $250 and $150 sound like a bargain.

I've been debating adding a leather dress to my closet for fall/winter. Here are some options in the same color family. One is real leather and the other two are faux leather, and in very different price points.

Seen below, long leather dress and pink coat from LaFayette 148, and leather shirt from Frame.

Lots of vloggers and bloggers have covered the single chunky chain necklace trend, or a couple of medium weight chains worn together, mixed metal but predominantly gold. These below are anything but understated, but they're interesting. Especially that gold Valentino necklace with blue stones and gold overlapping hands, it's extra, but also beautiful. At Bea's we never shy away from color and pieces that aren't necessarily popular, but pieces that are looking for a unique someone to carry them with confidence and a smile.

That's all for now. I hope you find something new or pre-loved to make you feel comfortable, good, maybe glamorous, and maybe warm but always happy this fall!


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