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Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Hyacinth bulbs

February and March felt like a season all their own. The ground was frozen, but people's hopes for spring were beating underneath the surface, like bulbs waiting to bloom.

The ground has thawed, and the days are starting to get longer. Before we spring forward, let me tell you about last month.

I stayed inside a lot, and I started watching Romance is a Bonus Book on Netflix.

Dani-i Kang

If you don't mind subtitles, sit down and watch. Trust me, when You aired on Lifetime I told my friends and family to watch it, but nobody did. Then it hit Netflix and everyone was talking about it. Romance is a Bonus is funny and heart warming and interesting. Lee Na-Young plays female lead Kang Dan-i. She's relatable but inspiring. The show depicts work culture and relationships. Dani is coming back to the workforce after raising a child. She encounters challenges, but barely has time to feel sorry for self, and in situations where you think she's going to tell her sad story to appeal to the emotions of those doing the hiring - she doesn't. She has an appreciation for the different paths people took, and how life has gone on while she's been taking care of her family. The clothes shown on all the characters are fantastic. There is a minimal groomed aesthetic, but each person has their own style. One of the new young recruits wears a signature denim jacket while the chief editor has an enviable revolving closet of puffer jackets, blazers and tailored wool coats, and frequently worn with a turtleneck. This cast makes you rethink the turtleneck!

Another great show I recommend is The Passage on Fox. It was Sci-Fi done well, small doses of who these people were before they got to where they are now. The two characters shown in the image below are not the stars, but their dynamic is definitely interesting to watch and they're both easy on the eyes. If you're looking for a light hearted sci-fi show try Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix. It's in its third and funniest season!

Now for a Spring update. I love a good rabbit decoration. Easter season is short, but especially after a long winter I appreciate the levity.

I also added some pink to the bedroom. The salmony pink faux bois velvet pillow is the newest addition - it's fluffy and soft. I hear a lot of people shy away from pink saying it's too girly but color is genderless, and it's about how it makes you feel and it's potential to transform other elements it's paired with.

Now on to clothes. Tis the time of open toed footwear, florals and pastels. When the preview of Spring came out last year, I bookmarked some of these Oscar de la Renta Ready to Wear looks. I liked how the neutral palette continues from Fall/Winter - its not a jarring tonal change, but there is definitely a change. It's kind of like dipping your foot in the pool versus jumping in. Sometimes trends go head first in one direction - boho, or romantic, or global. These looks feel elegant but relaxed. The jewelry feels just as appropriate with these airy pieces but they have enough weight to anchor wool and velvet in the colder months.

Oscar de la Renta Ready to Wear 2019

Stay tuned, for more updates on home, fashion, and lifestyle as the temperatures rise!


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