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Updated: Mar 25, 2020

What comes to mind when you see or hear the word January? I see a calendar - I love buying pretty desk calendars, like this one.

Here's what I have on my desk right now.

A desk calendar comes in handy, when I'm working and talking to clients and can't pull up the calendar on my laptop because I have so many windows open. I also love turning the page each month and see what image is going to grace my desk for the next 30 days. After Christmas, the common blog topics I see, are about goals - whether it be nutrition, exercise, or work related. Then there is style- while still in winter, everyone is putting together looks anticipating Spring, and forecasting the new year's most wearable trends.

We all know that we can embark on a new adventure or habit at anytime, but January is almost as symbolic of new beginnings as Spring. Looking back at what you accomplished or learned the year before, might feel counterintuitive, but hear me out, spending a few minutes journaling your accomplishments the last calendar day of December is not enough reflection time. Besides everyone is still winding down from the holiday celebrations.

In the spirit of reflection I'm sharing blogs I discovered or read more of last year. There are so many great blog and vlogs (if you prefer to hear and watch versus read). If your goal this year is to embrace your age - maybe you should consider the content you're taking in. Are you 40+ and taking makeup and fashion advice from a 25 year old? There is nothing wrong with that, but if you're ONLY getting inspiration from someone much younger, you should ask yourself how that's working for you. Someone in their twenties has different skin concerns, and is at a much different stage in their life than someone who's 44 years old. That's not to say that youth is problem free, but the concerns are different.

Here's a couple of great grown-up bloggers I've recently been enjoying: I heard of Heather's blog through Style of Sam - which I had stumbled on 2 years ago.

Both of these women are from Texas and glamorous, but with different perspectives on great style. Heather has a video on dressing to look slimmer, and has some great and easy reminders - like tucking your shirt in and wearing a belt.

Sam writes about whatever she wants, her morning routine, how to pray, to what fits in her Chanel bag (excuse, me how many images of bloggers do you see carrying these, and they talk about the $40 top they're wearing, and not a mention of the dark and expensive elephant in the room - the Chanel jumbo? ) I love her variety and candor.

Another blogger I like is Erin Busbee. She's covers a variety of topics and has YouTube videos showing how to put together outfits with an approachable take on trends. She also covers topics in her newsletter like menopause - which though every woman's symptoms vary, it's comforting and informative to hear what others are and have gone through.

This reminds of another blog that covered the topic last year - Webb on The Fly.

Do you remember supermodel Veronica Web? This is her blog, and she shares about fashion, lifestyle and cosmetic procedures. The more we know, the more we grow right? As we get older, curiosity about botox and dermal filler sets in, and even in a time when women are empowered to be honest, if you search for dermal filler more hits come up speculating about who has or hasn't had it. What you need to know is what to consider, what the risks are, what's in them, cost, etc...

Now, I did say you should get your inspiration from a variety of sources. Here are a few more blogs I like to take a peek at now and then.

If you read blogs you might already follow Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific. She's done a few collaborations with Nordstrom. Her style is daring, colorful and unique.

If you like lifestyle blogs and product reviews, check out The Stripe.

If you're curious about buying a Chanel bag this year, I found this post of hers insightful, because again a lot of people have them but they don't talk about how they acquired them and what they do and don't like about them.

On that note, if you're really into handbags and like to watch video reviews, here are two of my favorites:

Chase Amie, Amie Rodgers is a London based blogger. She and her husband run a web development, design and branding company, and she also manages a blog and publishes YouTube videos pretty frequently. If there's a luxury handbag you're considering buying, do your homework, especially if you're buying online and can't see it in person. Amie does some of the most thorough reviews I've seen. Here's her latest, don't be jealous! It's nice to live vicariously through others, sometimes.

The next is Shea Whitney. Shea is fun to watch. She does an amazing job of informing you while making you laugh.

Here's a video showing her entire handbag collection. Her closet like Amie's is amazing.

Well there you have it. Here's to a new year of learning and growing and laughing! Happy reading and watching in 2020. If you have any blog or YouTube recommendations for me, please share!


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