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Holidays and Giving

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas you get hit with countless gift guides. The focus is on getting the best deal, and the ideal gift for him and her, of all ages, personality types, and by zodiac sign. 

No matter how practical I try to be about the process, I'm always left questioning myself 2-3 days before Christmas whether what I bought for nieces, siblings and others was good enough or sufficient. Inevitably I end up adding some gift cards as stocking stuffers and spending more than I intended. Why can't the gift of my company and smile at any event by enough?

This year I've made an effort to try and enjoy the little things. I spent 1 day decorating and half a day editing - enough to bring cheer, but not so much that I dread the January take down process. 

My mother Bea had to make a hard decision this year. My dad wanted to travel to see his family and take care of some business, but in order to accompany him she would need to cut back her store hours and be away from the store during what's the busiest time for most retail shops. I saw her struggle with the decision for weeks, but I knew she would work things out because family is important to her. 

So if you walk by the store outside of Thursday through Saturday and you see that we're closed, know that it was a sacrifice for Bea. Sometimes your family needs you at the least convenient time, but we should remember especially during this time of year, that your presence is the most valuable gift you can give. 

We hope that this month is magical for you and filled with special family moments. We look forward to seeing you next year, and not for your gift giving needs, just to see you!


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