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Updated: Dec 25, 2019

This photo was taken at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens in mid August. She's the Earth Goddess in the Cascades Garden.

I skipped writing a blog post for August. Work was really busy, I had to travel for work, and to make matters worse I got sick.

If you only lived by what you see on Instagram you might think it’s Fall, but open up a calendar and you’ll see that Summer doesn’t end until September 22nd. Still, in August I wore every white summery piece of clothing I owned and I enjoyed it so much. I don’t really believe that white should be retired after Labor Day. I don’t think many people do anymore. It’s really the textile that determines how people categorize an item. Certain fabrics like seersucker and linen can be put away for next year, but white wool, and a white cotton shirt can be worn anytime. For years now, we’ve been seeing lots of cream colors in the Fall and winter. With white boots being more prevalent since last year, you’ll most likely see more touches of true white, not cream in Fall and Winter wear. I’ve been wanting a bright white handbag for some time now, and each time I go to the store I walk out with a different color. I console myself, lie to myself, saying that I can wear black all year around, and wouldn’t wear the white bag in the dead of winter, but I’m not sure that’s true.

M'O Exclusive Lilly Small Fiesta Handle Crocodile Bag

People feel that way about velvet bags – that they will not wear them in Spring and Summer. That’s another item I’d like to have - a velvet handbag, probably not a fanny pack, aka belt bag, but look at this woman, doesn't she make you want to wear more colors?!

Gucci Red Velvet Belt Bag

I'm really going to miss Summer, specifically the bright green plants, the sunshine, and eating cucumbers, and tomatoes that taste like the sun and the earth. Sure, I love a pumpkin flavored anything as much as the next person, but Summer feels like such a short season. I'm always a little heartbroken to have to say goodbye to it.


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