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Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash


I made it just in time to get a post in for July. It’s almost over people! That means one more month of Summer, right? Actually, Summer officially ends on September 21. We get into fall mode earlier because we associate it with kids going back to school, young adults leaving for college, etc.…

Maybe it’s being halfway through summer or the Nordstrom Anniversary sale which previews fall, but fall is on my mind.

I prefer fall and winter clothing. It’s not just the layers, or that I love boots. It’s the texture and colors. Warm shades of caramel and camel, lux suedes and velvet with so much dimension they beg to be caressed, and nubby bouclé that is both elegant and fun. While I enjoy airy linens and cotton embroidered dresses and shirts, I’m happy to bid them farewell come late August; even though it’s still hot here in September.

Fall predictions have been out for a while, but only time will tell what trends are really adopted. It comes down to so many factors – price point, availability and whether a certain style favors your body, or fits your lifestyle, and lastly did you wear it during your teenage years, and never want to see it return.

Some aren’t really trends, they are season mainstays we see again and again. When you hear someone say plaid and blazers are ‘in’ you probably think when have those ever been out?

Slouchy boots are back. Google over the knee slouchy Uggs. They are interesting, in a slightly hilarious way.

Slouchy Boots

Print wise– fabrics are echoing tribal and Native American prints, patchwork, and florals (of course).

Fall Prints

A return to the 80s, which is not unexpected, given the resurgence of oversized denim jackets and mom jeans. It was only a matter of time – shiny black leathers, angular pieces fitted with large belts, shoulder pads, you get the picture.


As for other fall/winter staples – shearling, faux and real is being seen again, but that should come as no surprise.

What I’m looking forward to most is a cape. Something like this navy Christian Dior cape would do quite nicely!

Fall 2018 Christian Dior Cape

That's all for now, we'll talk more about fall in September. For now I'm going back to living in the summery present.


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