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April Showers Bring May...

Photo by Redd Angelo on Unsplash

Showers and snow showers are bringing us signs of a beautiful May. If you live in Kansas City, you know that Easter brought snow, the following weekend - more snow. With 70 degree days and nights in the low 20's, April felt long and tiresome.

Nest in a Wreath

Above is a picture of a nest built in an outdoor wreath I hung for the holidays. Even though I knew it looked crazy, I couldn't take it down until I was sure the birds were gone for good.

When I took it down I found a tiny egg left behind. It looks like a jelly bean, doesn't it?

We're closing out the month soon and welcoming in the next. A new month makes me happy no matter what I have planned, because that time before the calendar turns back to the first day, fills me with possibility and anticipation. It makes me recall one of my favorite quotes I heard during a morning meditation in April.

The skeptical you is thinking about preparation and all the things that need to happen before any of those things come to fruition, but think about it. Crossing that threshold from being one to two, from breathing to ceasing to live, from looking at someone with eyes of a friend to not being able to live without them. That can happen in an instant, in a day. Each morning the sun rises is a new opportunity to handle something different or see a problem, situation, or person through a different lens. Anything that happened yesterday, or last month, can no longer hurt you, because you've already lived through it.

If you're worried that you can't change your perspective or that you're going to fall into the same patters, don't be.

It's never too late to change. In the February 2018 issue of Psychology Today, "Change Artists," Abby Ellin, writes, " The emerging view of change encompasses personality is possible to change stripes at any age." Change is hard, and yet unavoidable. May these last few days of April bring you joy, and I'll see you in May.


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