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Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

It's February, the time for heart shaped candy, boxed chocolate, pink and red, and gift guides.

Who do you give to? For so many years, and even now, lots of gift guides focus on celebrating romantic relationships. Women would look at cards, and objects and say, "I wish my boyfriend (or fill in the blank ) would give this to me." Instead of wishing to receive, give. Surprise someone in your life, like your friends, your siblings, your mom, your kids, a teacher, or anyone who brings something to your world. Sure, you should show them you care every day, but that's what holidays are for, to bring extra attention to a cause, event, person or people. Maybe instead of giving an entire box of overly sweet or mediocre chocolate, give one great quality bar and a card.

Valentine's Day Card and Chocolate Bars

Instead of flowers - which yes, are beautiful, give a plant.

Aloe, Orchid, and Plants

Happy February/Valentine's/Galentine's Day!


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