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Post Christmas

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Did you have a good Christmas?

I hope you did. Mine was different from most years, but still good. Most of my family traveled and our matriarch was very sick, and wanted everyone to stay away so they didn't catch what she had.

Change is expected as families grow. In the corporate world they really stress adaptability, and comfort with change as key traits if you want to succeed. The same can be said for life in general, and I mean success here in the sense of happiness. Since we didn't host, or have a traditional dinner on Christmas Day, we don't have a refrigerator full of left overs this year, and that's OK. On Christmas morning we made breakfast, watched the dog get excited over the kittens on Animal Planet, and watched Christmas movies all day. It was relaxing and enjoyable. I put on makeup only to go to the gas station and go inside to grab some hot cocoa. I know what you're thinking gas station hot chocolate - gross. It was actually good, and really it was my attempt to substitute my daily trip to a coffee shop. It wasn't the same, but again, it was a day of doing different things.

Last month I complained about Christmas decorations going up too early. I have a confession, as soon as I learned that everyone had plans to spend Christmas away this year, I put up the tree because I was hosting Thanksgiving. My mom, Bea, helped me decorate it. Then she looked at my lone Thanksgiving wreath I hung over the fireplace and told me it looked ridiculous and had to come down. So my house was outfitted for Christmas earlier than it's ever been, and Thanksgiving felt like a Christmas sort of, minus the gifts.

We have one more holiday left this year. I never go to big or fancy parties, but I still look forward to it. I love reflecting on the year. I'm a horoscope nerd, so I look forward to the coming year preview, and sometimes I review the current year summary, to see if anything came to realization for me. I get a good laugh and roll my eyes if anything. I also try to jot down any events I considered a success in a notebook, because I think it's important to celebrate how far you've come by any measure. I'm not a big goal setter, nor do I announce them, but in a way when you review what you've done, and/or what you're proud of, it does give you insight into what kind of person you see yourself as, and what you'd like to see more of. That in a sense, I suppose is a sort of planning for the coming year.

Another thing I look forward to is the trend forecast. I don't run out and buy everything, or make major changes to my home based on it. When it comes to home decor I especially try to be careful, but I still think it's fun to read and learn what industry leaders think and why. I try to deviate away from trends and decipher my true likes from what I may like because I've been influenced by online images. While making a decision to paint your cabinets all black is more impactful on the wallet than buying a skirt or shirt you won't wear next year, I still like to exercise caution. I remember when the platform pump trend was at it's height (no pun intended), thanks to Christian Louboutin. The trend had trickled down to all avenues, and it was hard to find single soled heels at stores. I went to Nordstrom one Saturday determined to find a pair that worked for me. I had read so many blogs and reviews saying how comfortable they wear, and some celebrities and major style influencers asking where platforms had been all their lives; how they would never wear anything else. Fast forward to now where you rarely see anyone wearing them anymore. While I didn't spend a ton of money on them, it was the least fun I had spending 250 dollars, and I regretted it for years. It really bothered me, not the money, but the fact that I sacrificed my own taste and comfort for what was popular. Those shoes by the way were not comfortable and it's no wonder Manolo Blahnik did not jump on the bandwagon. A mid-heeled BB pump I do recommend because it's comfortable and classic. Not that you have to spend $595 on a pair of shoes to be comfortable, there are plenty of lower priced great options. The point is, don't let others dictate what's worthwhile, and don't settle for what's made available to you, wait. Most importantly decide for yourself where, what, and how to best spend your money, based on your values, needs, and personal style.

I hope this last week is especially good for you!


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