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Thanksgiving - The Forgotten Holiday?

We're one week away from Thanksgiving, and I decided I'd look for some Fall decor, small accents to add to my existing table arrangements. I had already been stunned when a few days before Halloween, I walked into a popular home interior store and saw that the entire place had been transformed into a Christmas tree museum - All sorts of different trees, for any taste or size of room. I had previously seen some adorable Halloween decorations and when I asked about them, they pointed me to a table away from the main entry, an out of sight and easily missed corner. I understand that stores need to prepare for the Christmas season, but again today at a different interior store, when asked about Fall, I was pointed to a single sad table where the remaining stock had been marked down to 50% off.

I guess it's not just retail stores that prepare early. When talking to a friend about what she did on Halloween, I was surprised when she told me she helped her friend put up her Christmas tree - and these are women under 30, all be it organized and self declared planners. When I recounted this story to my other friend, she wasn't as surprised. She said, "Of course. It's a lot of work to bring out the decorations and arrange things." I shook my head in agreement, but inside thought, no way I'm ready to bring up the tree yet. So where does that leave me? With a strange mix of non-scary pumpkins, pine cones, and some glittered woodland critters. Christmas does celebrate an Eve, whereas Thanksgiving is one day, so it wins. On Black Friday, even those that don't get out to shop have fully accepted the holiday season and the Christmas music is inescapable. Do I dislike Christmas? No, not at all. I, want to enjoy and celebrate each day. Don't worry Thanksgiving, I will not forget you, and come November 23rd will relish every hour with something to eat or drink in hand.


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