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Photo by Yasin Erdal on Unsplash

Happy Halloween Eve!!

I could not let one of favorite months end on a sad note. I know the last post was a bit of a downer, but you can't ignore what's going on around you.

Moving on, what have you been up to? We're getting some needed down time, after months of preparing for the second wedding in the family this year, and crossing a major milestone in a project. The colder days are becoming more prevalent. I've even a left a few jackets out of varying weight knowing I'm going to grab one in the morning or evening. After tomorrow, the holidays are impending. They rush in like horses, fast, brusque and unstoppable. One day you're fighting about who's making the turkey, or why does green bean casserole always need to be served. The next you're worrying your white elephant gift for that work party, and telling yourself that next year, you're spending Christmas alone in Hawaii or Paris. Let's be frank though, it's an amazing time, and in some way you look forward to the chaos and time with family.

Now let's get back to the present, September and October are ripe with forecasts both for home interiors, and fashion. I talked about that a little, last month. The color palette, etc...I've seen a few bloggers mention lilac, and that's not odd. We've seen mint and various shades of pink creep into Fall before. They are hopeful colors of warmer times to come. White and silver booties are seen and mentioned everywhere. You don't have to live in Miami or L.A. to wear them, but if it's not your thing, skip it. There are plenty of options to choose from. I'm considering a pair of dark floral or embroidered boots. They can be found at various price points. That's the nice thing about trends.

I hope you have a safe and fabulous Halloween.


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