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It's Fall!

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Fall is officially here. While so many people have experienced misery at the hands of mother nature this year, it could seem insensitive to talk about fashion or simply anything good, but it's essential to appreciate what and who you have, and to look ahead, because we know with certainty that things will change. It doesn't feel like Fall yet where we live, but you've probably already been bombarded with images of Fall trends, Fall festivals, and pumpkin spice flavored everything. Speaking of what's in sartorial store for Fall, the list is extensive. We'll cover it more as the temperatures start to drop. Amid the return of the usual suspects, the one surprise in the color palette is red. You're tempted to leave it behind with the summer heat, and only bring it back in the form of plaid, or for December festivities. Also not surprising were Edwardian collars and embroidery. We got a peek of that this summer with embroidered denim and shirts, and open shoulder dresses and tops with romantic collars.

Here's an example of a look that hits several trends. This vest found at Bea's- velvet, embroidery, floral, a hint of red, paired with a shirt you already own with a higher collar.

See you soon!


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