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Updated: Dec 25, 2019

This week is Halloween and the end of the first full month of Fall! Here are some of my most favored pieces of semi-spooky jewelry and some home decor items as well.

This pewter and silver snake cuff hugs your wrist comfortably and is surprisingly lightweight for such an embellished piece.

Pewter and Silver Snake Cuff - Found at Bea's Designs
Skull Gold Charm Necklace - Found a Bea's Designs

This petite skull gold charm necklace - Found at Bea's Designs is an elegant and subtle alternative to the oversized on the nose necklaces you'll find at most places. That's not to say we don't like eye catching larger pieces. Come on, if you're going to wear a large spider or skull around your neck this is the time to do it!

Silver Snake Cuff with Black Crystals - Found a Bea's Designs

This is a silver serpent cuff with black crystals, also found at Bea's Designs. This is a more sleek compared to the chunkier snake cuff. They are each gorgeous in a different way.

Here are some close up photos:

The Eve Candelabra, Eve Fruit Bowl, and Snake Valet Tray are all found at Jonathan Adler (JA), and they are available all year round. This goes to show that everyday items can be repurposed for Halloween Decor with just a little creativity. If you've never purchased anything from JA, I highly recommend it. The pottery is well made. If I'm looking for something classy with a touch of whimsy, I always glance at their site.

Eve Candelabra

Eve Fruit Bowl

Snake Valet Tray

Another place I always check is Joann Fabric. The little black glittered pumpkin was found there. Lastly don't forget about your local flower shops. Every year come late September I look forward to bringing out my Halloween tree. It's the centerpiece of my decor. I bought it about seven years ago from D'Agee Florist in the Liberty Square.

That's all for now! I hope you have a safe and fun Halloween!


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