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Christmas Time!

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Last month, I complained a little about the holiday season starting too soon, but alas it's post Thanksgiving (Hope yours was fantastic!) and it's officially time to celebrate!

This past Saturday we sat down and watched the Historic Downtown Liberty's Gift Guide. It was better than I expected. They sprinkled in great shots of the square, and Mr and Mrs. Claus answered questions from children. It was a fun production and I loved learning more about some of the stores in downtown Liberty and I got some local gift ideas.

Here is a peek at three of the items featured during our segment.

  1. This high collar black, cream and gold top is perfect for this time of year. You can wear a cami underneath or fitted long sleeve when it gets really cold out for added warmth. I would wear it half tucked tucked into black trousers or jeans.

  2. Next we have this Madonna pendant with beaded chain. Bea hand crafted this and adorned the image with fabric and metal she hand painted. It’s a statement piece but a nice gift for someone spiritual or simply someone who likes collecting items not everyone else is wearing.

  3. Lastly, this charm necklace is also something unique you can gift or buy for yourself. It was also created by Bea and the metal was hand painted to match the beads. It is held together with a soft and comfortable raw leather strap.

Now, for items not found at Bea’s but that we love just as much, let’s talk about gifts for the home. Are you or someone you love a homebody? This candle is one of my favorites. It smells like firewood, and I rebuy it every fall/winter. It's strong and long lasting. I can even catch the scent when I'm sitting nearby and it's not burning.

I bought the tinted glass version this year (the picture above is more representative of the color, which is smokey, but on the Diptyque site it looks green), but it also comes in clear glass, and I think that the wax being a cool gray makes it more interesting. If you're weary try the small size first!

I enjoy lighting candles when I know I'll be home for hours and I can let them get an even and complete first burn (otherwise you get that odd uneven burn known as candle tunneling).

This year I tried a new brand. I'd heard great things about Sisley, but I read even better reviews about Cire Trudon, and I was very underwhelmed with mine. I tried Spiritus Sancti which is incense scented, and the throw which is how far or long the smell of the candle circulates was weak, in my opinion. I kept the vessel which was beautiful, but at $105.00 I wasn't in a rush to try my luck with another.

Now back to the good stuff, the one I loved. I almost passed it up because the sales person said it was rose scented, and I'm not the biggest fan of florals. The color of the vessel intrigued me, it was rich but cool and feminine so I picked it up and smelled it. It was a wow rose scent. It's described as having top notes of lemon, a heart nose of rose, and base notes of musk, amber and sandalwood. A nice add is the honey color of the wax. It's a nice contrast with the color of the outside and a nice surprise when you look inside.

Lastly, if you're looking for something new to spruce up your home, I'd suggest this Johnathan Adler Eve Bowl. I this version, and initially the size was overwhelming and I decided it wasn't right for a fruit bowl in the kitchen. I felt like I was cooking with Thing from the Addams Family. I moved it into the living area, and I like it much better. I've changed up what I display in it by season. Right now it's ornaments!

I leave you with one of my favorite little corners in my house. Years ago, my sister gave my a Christmas ornament and it reminded me of my Golden Retriever. This year the hanger broke, so my mom Bea suggested I set it on my end table as a decoration. This let's me admire it even though it's not on my tree!

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you in the store soon!



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